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West Jersey Chapter has an outstanding reputation for producing high quality scholarly publications that appeal to photo buffs, serious railroad historians, and regional historians. We currently offer eight different Chapter books, two special publications, and two commemorative tiles, and invite you to browse through our offerings. Most items are available at our monthly Chapter meetings. We also often have a sales table at area railroadiana and model train shows. Please check our Calendar of Events for meeting and show times. If you are unable to visit us in person, you can prepare, print out, and mail with your remittance the interactive order form found at the bottom of this page.

Pavonia Yard & Shops

Pavonia Yard & Shops
Southern New Jersey's Main Freight Yard 1883-2013

by Christopher J. Young, Jr., and William J. Coxey

New! Limited Edition. The history of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Camden, New Jersey, primary freight yard and shops. Included are the details about the creation, expansion and various improvements from the beginning in 1883 to Conrail’s present day operation. Softbound, 8½" × 11" vertical format, 64 pages with 112 photographs, 14 maps and track diagrams. Published June, 2015.
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Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
An Illustrated History of Southern New Jersey's Jointly-Owned Railroad

by Frederick A. Kramer

This book is a fully illustrated history of the jointly-owned railroad between Camden, New Jersey and the seashore from its beginning in 1933 to its transfer to Conrail in 1976. Also included is the development and growth of predecessors West Jersey & Seashore (Pennsylvania Railroad) and Atlantic City Railroad (Philadelphia & Reading) as well as the connecting ferry services from Philadelphia. Locomotives and passenger car rosters are provided too. Perfect bound, 8½" × 11" vertical format, 144 pages with over 300 photographs, maps and timetables. This is a greatly expanded version of the original 1980 edition with text by Frederick A. Kramer. Published October, 2011.
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The Reading Seashore Lines

The Reading Seashore Lines
A Pictorial Documentary of the Atlantic City Railroad

by William J. Coxey and James E. Kranefeld

The Reading gained access to southern New Jersey via its lease of the Central Railroad of New Jersey in the spring of 1883 followed six months later by the purchase of the failed narrow gauge Philadelphia & Atlantic City Railway. The distinctive "Reading look" soon became evident with the improvements and expansion of this operation, which officially became named the Atlantic City Railroad. This work, unlike our earlier book about the development and decline of the Atlantic City Railroad, covers primarily the physical railroad and adjacent structures from the beginning to the present. This offering is perfect for those interested in both railroad and local history. Perfect bound, 8½" × 11" vertical format, 168 pages, 500 photographs, drawings, and maps (most never before published). Arranged geographically with station index. Published October, 2007.
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West Jersey Rails III

West Jersey Rails III
A Series of Stories about Southern New Jersey Railroad History

Ten more stories of railroading in South Jersey: the Millville & Glassboro Railroad; steamboats and boat trains on CNJ's Seashore Branch in 1915; Camden - Pemberton passenger service 1867-1969; the aftermath of the Barnegat Bay bridge fire; Salem's railroads; Wildwood trolleys; Minotola interlocking; Linden St., Camden, freight station; Brown Tower and Bulson St. yard; and Amtrak to Atlantic City. Soft cover, 80 pages, 8½" × 11" vertical format printed on coated stock, with over 170 photographs, drawings, timetables, charts, and maps. Full color cover. Published September, 2002.

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The Lindenwold Hi-Speed Line

The Lindenwold Hi-Speed Line
The First Twenty Years of the Port Authority Transit Corporation

by J. William Vigrass

From nearly its first day of operation on January 4, 1969, the Lindenwold Hi-Speed Line became a model for the rebirth of modern transit, serving as a citation in dozens of studies nationwide to bolster public transportation development. While interurban in heritage, the Lindenwold line proudly displays characteristics of both urban heavy rail transit and suburban commuter service. This profusely illustrated 56 page soft cover book in 8½" × 11" vertical format well documents the careful regional planning that made PATCO such a success story in West Jersey. Published 1990.

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The Trains to America's Playground

The Trains to America's Playground
Along the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines to Atlantic City 1933-1976

by William J. Coxey, Frank C. Kozempel, and James E. Kranefeld

The PRSL was born in tumultuous times: unprecedented highway development in New Jersey, the opening of the Delaware River (Ben Franklin) Bridge, and the Great Depression, requiring belt tightening on all railroads. Forming the PRSL was, however, inevitable and this book documents from west to east the route from Camden and Philadelphia along that wonderful racecourse to the Atlantic that became the World's link to salt water taffy, Miss America herself, and the glittering conventions that made Atlantic City the archetype of The Seashore. Soft cover, 48 pages, 11" × 8½" horizontal format printed on coated stock, with over 100 photographs, drawings, timetables, charts, and maps. Full color cover. Published 1988.
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West Jersey Rails II

West Jersey Rails II
A Series of Stories about Southern New Jersey Railroad History


This companion volume to West Jersey Rails contains eleven more stories of railroading in South Jersey: the Maurice River Branch; the Delair Bridge; the Electric Line Drawbridge Accident; the Shore Fast Line; Atlantic-type locomotives; the ill-starred Reading type; Atlantic City Union Station; Riding the Pony Express; Dieselization of the PRSL; an illustrated all-time PRSL diesel roster; and PRSL Ocean City Commuting. This 72 page soft cover book in 8½" × 11" vertical format is profusely illustrated with over 130 pictures, maps, timetables, and diagrams, including five pictures in full color. Published 1985; reprinted March, 2001.

West Jersey Rails

West Jersey Rails
A Series of Stories about Southern New Jersey Railroad History

Fourteen diverse stories on railroad history in southern New Jersey, originally published in the Chapter's former monthly newsletter, the Crew Caller: New Jersey's Greatest Railroad; Benjamin Fish - Unsung Transportation Pioneer; Railroad Steamboats on the Great Egg Harbor Inlet; the Steam Dummy Era at Cape May; the Liberty Special; the Westville Cutoff; Rails Over Water to Island Heights; Camden Area Trolleys; the Blue Comet; the Wreck of the New York Train at Delair; Reading Steam to the Seashore; About the Bridgeton Branch; the Philadelphia & Camden Ferry Company; and PRSL Cabin Cars. Soft cover, 52 pages, 8½" × 11" vertical format printed on coated stock, with over 90 photographs, drawings, timetables, charts, and maps. Published 1983; reprinted May, 1999 and November, 2003.

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Philadelphia Marlton & Medford

The Philadelphia, Marlton and Medford Railroad Co. 1881-1931

Built as a branch of the Camden & Atlantic Railroad, the Philadelphia, Marlton & Medford Railroad served a rural farming area between Haddonfield and Medford, which included the townships of Delaware (now Cherry Hill) and Evesham. In 1883 the line came under Pennsylvania Railroad control, and was merged into the West Jersey & Seashore Railroad in 1896. From 1920 until its abandonment in 1931, the Medford Branch was operated as part of the PRR's Atlantic Division. Two vestiges of this line remained long after abandonment: a wye track at Haddonfield survived as late as 1966, and a siding in Medford lasted into the Conrail era. A major section of the abandoned line from the Camden Co./Burlington Co. line to Medford is now NJ Route 70. Reprinted by popular demand, this 32-page history in 6" x 9" format features 18 photos, three timetables, a map, and an official profile of this 12-mile long road. Published 1973; reprinted 1997 and 2004.
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Seashore Lines Ramble 2009

Seashore Lines Ramble, November 7, 2009

by John W. Burlage, Jr.

This booklet was prepared for a special excursion over the Cape May Seashore Lines, jointly sponsored by the United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, the Volunteer Railroaders Association, West Jersey Chapter, and CMSL. It features a history of all the railroad lines in Cape May County, the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines consolidation, and the subsequent disposition of all lines. A guide to all stations, past and present, on the former Atlantic City Railroad Cape May Branch from Winslow Junction to Cape May is included. Other features include a roster of the equipment used on the excursion, and profiles of the sponsoring organizations. This 20-page booklet in 8½" × 11" vertical format also contains two timetables and two maps. Published 2009.

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Camden & Amboy/Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System Tour Guide

by Paul W. Schopp and John W. Burlage, Jr.

Until shortly before it opened to the public, NJ Transit's River LINE was known as the Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System. This guide, prepared jointly by West Jersey Chapter and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society, includes both a history of the Camden & Amboy Railroad & Transportation Company with special emphasis on the Camden-Bordentown-Trenton route, and a comprehensive mile-by-mile description of the route detailing current light rail and former railroad facilities. Also included is a summary of the new light rail line in a nutshell. This 16-page booklet in 8½" × 11" vertical format also contains three photographs and a SNJLRTS route map. Published 2003; reprinted 2007.

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Camden Ferry tile

Pennsylvania Railroad: The Philadelphia & Camden Ferry Company Commemorative Tile
Third of a Series issued 1997

Issued to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the discontinuance of PRR ferry service between Camden and Philadelphia in 1952. Ceramic tile measures 6" × 6" and comes with interpretive card.

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Delair Bridge tile

Pennsylvania Railroad: Delair Bridge Commemorative Tile
Second of a Series issued 1996

Issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Delair Bridge's completion and opening in 1896. Ceramic tile measures 6" × 6" and comes with interpretive card.

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